Applied Mathematics

Mathematics plays a decisive role in any calculation or model – though perhaps not always on the foreground. The Bachelor’s programme in Applied Mathematics at the University of Twente is all about the application of mathematics in practical situations. As an Applied Mathematics graduate you will have numerous career possibilities in the business world, government and in scientific research.

Mathematics plays a vital role in many areas of society. In the past, mathematics was mainly used to solve engineering and physics-related problems, but nowadays we can do much more with it. For instance, mathematics is used to solve social issues, like healthcare logistics. The great thing is that the possibilities for applying mathematics are endless.

When you study Applied Mathematics, you will discover that mathematics is a great tool for solving engineering problems and issues that affect our society. This is why the discipline can be referred to as Technical Mathematics or Applied Mathematics. There are countless situations in which mathematics can be used: for weather forecasts, for creating traffic routes through cities or in aviation, and for arranging timetables for public transport. Technicians, medics and directors consult with mathematicians in order to capture their problems in mathematical models. With solutions derived from mathematics, mathematicians can provide new and better insights and workable answers to practical problems. Mathematics is a broad area of study that is in continuous development. This means that there are constantly new questions to answer – in fields as wide-ranging as the environment, atomization and the medical world.

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