Art History and Archaeology

The research master’s specialization Art History and Archaeology offers a twUniversity of Groningeno-year training programme in the theory and methodology of material culture and landscape studies from multiple perspectives

This research master offers a multifaceted two-years programme in researching material culture. The disciplinary perspectives offered by the programme are: Art History, History of Architecture and Urbanism, Landscape History, Prehistory and Protohistory of Northwest Europe, Classical and Mediterranean Archeology, Ecological Archaeology, Maritime Archeology and Arctic Archeology. Students may focus on artworks, buildings, urban environments, landscapes, archaeological settlements, artefacts and ecofacts.

After having followed a partly shared programme in the first year, students choose for a specialization track in one of the disciplines just mentioned. Students are made thoroughly familiar with the most up-to-date theories, methods and techniques with which to study the themes and problems they wish to tackle. The programme prepares students for the responsibilities that face academic professionals today with regard to historical analysis, conservation, restoration and public presentation. Through highly qualified research projects and internships in the Netherlands and abroad, students acquire fundamental research experience in one or more of the fields covered by this master.

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