Artificial Intelligence

How can you develop an autonomous car? How does a computer recognize speech or emotions? How can software and devices be aligned to the way humans think?University of Groningen

The Dutch Guide to Colleges 2013 has rated Artificial Intelligence in Groningen number 1 of all similar programs in the Netherlands.

In the ¬†international Bachelor’s degree programme in Artificial Intelligence you will study intelligence and develop ‘intelligent’ and user-friendly products.

This international degree programme focuses on human thinking, artificial thinking (computers, robots) and behaviour in social systems (e.g. group behaviour). You will study the underlying processes in order to predict or simulate behaviour
Interdisciplinary curriculum
Artificial Intelligence draws on knowledge from various disciplines, such as cognitive psychology, linguistics, computing science, logic and philosophy. You will develop skills in these areas in the first year, after which you deepen your knowledge in the subdiscipline you prefer, such as the technical aspects or cognitive science.
Translating knowledge into practical applications
There are many applications in which intelligence and usable technology are indispensable, in ticket machines for example. This degree programme therefore has a strong practical orientation.

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