Artificial Intelligence

Radboud UniversityAs humans, we may be intrigued by the complexity of any daily activity. How does it actually work to perceive, to act, to decide, and to remember? This Master’s programme supports you to find answers to these questions in an truly academical atmosphere.

The AI Master’s programme at Radboud University has a distinctly cognitive focus. This cognitive focus leads to a highly interdisciplinary programme where students gain skills and knowledge from a number of different areas such as mathematics, computer science, psychology and neuroscience combined with a core foundation of artificial intelligence. Slowly the human brain has been revealing its mystery to the scientific community. Now that we are actually able to model and stimulate aspects of cognition, AI researchers have gained a deeper understanding of cognition. At the world-renowned Donders Institute, the Max Planck Institute and various other leading research centres, we train our students to become excellent researchers in this area.

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