University of GroningenHow old is the Universe? How do stars and galaxies develop? What is between the stars? How are planetary systems formed? Fascinated by questions like these? Then Astronomy is the programme for you!

Astronomy is about the universe, stars and planets. If you are interested in natural sciences, this international programme will appeal to you. You will study the physical processes in the universe, so physics and mathematics are also an important part of the programme.

This international bachelor takes three years. If you find out that Astronomy is not really your thing, you still have the opportunity to switch in the first semester – to Physics or Mathematics. That means you can never go wrong!

Spectacular discoveries have been made in the field of astronomy in recent years, mainly because technological advances are making more and more things possible. In this international programme you can concentrate on the universe itself, or on developing and improving the instruments used to do this.

The Groningen astronomers are among the best in the world. Research into astronomy has been carried out at the University since 1883. Astronomers from Groningen collaborated on the development of the HIFI instrument in the Herschel space telescope, and are also involved in the international LOFAR network of radio telescopes.

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