Automotive Systems

Thanhe automotive industry is dynamic and in constant need of innovations. And therefore in need of professionals with knowledge of the latest trends and skills to develop and apply new techniques in intelligent vehicle systems. The Masters course in Automotive Systems focuses on vehicle dynamics and control, driver assistance and advanced propulsion design. Exciting new developments in which you as a professional in automotive systems can obtain a Masters degree, making you more valuable in your current or future job.

Automotive master

What you can expect

In this Masters course you will be taught by highly qualified and experienced lecturers who are active in the industry. You have access to the latest developments and research results. You gain an in-depth understanding of a wide variety of disciplines directly applicable to the industry. These include vehicle electronics, mechatronics and software development, driver interfacing and intelligent traffic and road environment systems. As a trained engineer and Masters graduate, you will also understand how your contribution fits within the framework of company processes in the current automotive industry. You will learn about aspects of automotive management, such as production logistics and management, quality management, project management, cost control and marketing. The course is both practical and result-orientated, with a focus on the automotive product.

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