Would you like a tailor-made programme in Biology? Or do you like to design your programme at the interface of different Biology domains? Then Biology in Groningen is the Master’s programme for you.University of Groningen

Students with a broad interest in biology are able to design a tailor-made programme under the supervision of a staff member who will coach the student during the two years. Because many exciting discoveries have been made using the multidisciplinary approach, students are encouraged to combine insights and techniques from different domains within the biological sciences. Students are therefore offered the unique opportunity to combine different areas of biology – such as Ecology, Marine Biology, Biomedical Sciences and Molecular Biology – in their master’s programme.

Specialisation Behaviour and Neurosciences
In addition, the programme also offers you the possibility to specialise in a combination of two specific terrains of expertise in biology: Behaviour and Neurosciences. This specialisation focuses on the factors that affect behaviour in humans and animals. Both internal factors, such as the functioning of the brain and the excretion of hormones in the blood, as well as external factors, like growth conditions, are closely studied.

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