Business & IT

University of TwenteThe Bachelor’s programme Business & IT offers you the perfect mix of computer science and business. With your knowledge of how to develop and use advanced IT systems, you will play a pivotal role in the company and/or come up with cool innovations.

Making technology work

Information technology is vital for any business. But there is more to it than just setting up computers and installing software: the employees also have to be able to work with it. In our Business & IT programme, you will learn how to develop advanced IT systems and how to implement them in a company. You will find ways to develop such systems in such a way that everyone using it will benefit – focusing both on technology and on people.

An important part of the programme is understanding how IT can improve cooperation between businesses. As a Business & IT specialist, you will be able to analyze business-to-business collaboration and map the processes and data exchanges involved. You will learn all of this during practical projects covering themes such as the introduction of a public transport chip card (‘OV-chipkaart’ in Dutch), in which all the national and regional public transport operators in the Netherlands work together. This Bachelor’s programme is very much in touch with the business world, so you will enjoy regular sessions with teachers and guest lecturers who work in the field. You will also spend a lot of time working on practical projects. All in all, you will rub shoulders quite intensively during this course with businesses and (semi-)government companies, such as banks, consultancy agencies and hospitals.

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