Civil Engineering

University of TwenteCivil engineers design, construct and manage infrastructure and major building projects. Civil engineers are involved both in engineering and in the organization of engineering projects. They are experts who combine technical know-how with ‘soft skills’, such as communication, project management and process management. Our English-taught Civil Engineering programme combines technology with the organizational side of these types of projects.

Reasons for studying Civil Engineering in Twente

Civil Engineering at Twente is a technical programme with a focus on management and organization. This combination of technology and management is a major reason for studying Civil Engineering at Twente – in addition to our project-based education and highly personal approach.

Our Bachelor’s programme consists of about 75 per cent technical subjects and 10 per cent subjects related to business and administration. The remaining 15 per cent of the Bachelor’s programme consists of electives. The non-technical aspects also play an important role in the projects. This combination of science and management makes you an attractive employee for future employers. In the business world, demand for engineers from Twente is high. One hundred per cent of students who complete their Master’s degree with us have a job within three months.

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