Communication Science

University of TwenteCommunication can be the difference between effective and ineffective organizations and between successful and failed products. In this course, you will study communication questions from real organizations. At the University of Twente Communication Science programme, we look at communication from the perspective of an organization.

Communication Science at a technical university

The way in which people and organizations communicate is changing. The rapid emergence of new communication technologies and communication trends forces organizations to adapt continuously. In order to do this successfully, they need professionals who combine a thorough knowledge of communication with insight into the significance and capabilities of technological developments. In the BSc Communication Science at the University of Twente, we train communication scientists who have just that profile. In this bachelor’s programme, you will develop the communication and technical skills needed to guide others – whether people or organisations – through today’s complex world of information, (social) media and Big Data. You will also develop personally, growing into a credible, authentic authority in the science and practice of communication.

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