European Public Administration

University of TwenteThis English-taught programme combines European Studies, Public Administration and Technology. You will explore technology’s role in society and the causes and solutions involved in complex issues. European Public Administration is a social science. The emphasis in this programme is on how national and international government bodies work together with corporations and civil society organizations to solve society’s big challenges.

Choosing for the University of Twente means following an administration programme in a high-tech setting. This gives you an advantage on the job market. You will not become a techie, but you will understand how engineers look at the world. You will learn about technology’s influence on society and how you can use it to handle social challenges.

Technological developments have a major impact on societal problems. That means they also influence public administration. Think, for example, of developments going on in the digital landscape, such as social media platforms and their influence on the privacy of Internet users, safety on the streets, or social inequality.

This is why as an expert in public administration and in all things European, you have to keep in step with the latest technological developments. At the University of Twente you will – and, on top of that, you will learn to use innovative applications and technologies to explain and solve society’s problems.

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