University of TwenteWhere does behaviour come from? Why do some people behave differently than others? What is abnormal behaviour? And what is normal behaviour? How can you influence behaviour? Welcome to the world of psychology! In the Bachelor of Science programme in Psychology at the University of Twente, which is entirely English-taught, you will study human behaviour and learn how to explain and influence that behaviour.

Choosing to study psychology at the University of Twente means you will be opting for an applied psychology course in a high-tech environment. This will give you a head start on the job market!

In the Bachelor’s programme Psychology , you study human behaviour. Unlike many other psychology programmes in the Netherlands, we focus on both the theory and practice of psychology. At our university, you will learn to analyze psychological problems and to design practical solutions aimed at influencing human behaviour.

The Psychology programme at the University of Twente will familiarize you with five specializations:

  • Positive Psychology & Technology (Clinical Psychology)
  • Human Factors & Engineering Psychology
  • Health Psychology & Technology
  • Conflict, Risk & Safety
  • Learning Sciences

Would you like to find out more? Check the BSc Psychology website.

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