Technical Computer Science

University of TwenteIn a world in which the use of information technology continues to grow exponentially, our BSc in Technical Computer Science plays an increasingly important role. For devices and organizations alike, exchanging, processing and storing information are vital functionalities. This Bachelor’s programme will open doors for you that are closed to others.

Technical Computer Science is a challenging science that focuses on information and systems. When you think of information, for example, consider automated searches through vast amounts of data. As for systems, think of computers and the Internet, but also of the interaction between systems (such as robots) and people. On the one hand, you will study fundamental concepts in this course, but on the other hand you also learn to apply them in a practical way to basically anything that keeps humans busy. This includes travel, business, health, the environment, politics and leisure time. These days you would be hard pressed to find an area in which computer science doesn’t play its part.

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