University College Twente (ATLAS)

University College Twente, the college of doing things your way

At University College Twente, learning starts with you. In all courses you choose your own path. Each semester revolves around a key theme. Projects are the basis for your learning. In three years you earn a BSc degree – your ticket to the professional world or to a Master’s programme of your choice around the world. University College Twente is the international honours college of the University of Twente. Our Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences programme, or ATLAS for short, is aimed at students who want to make a difference. Our world has become too complex for solutions that are only technological – or only social. Yet few people understand the challenges our societies face today as well as the latest technologies needed to design relevant solutions. The ATLAS programme is built around challenging problems in society that require both social and technical perspectives and understanding. ATLAS students don’t choose: they combine.

Living and learning together

University College Twente is a residential college. All students live and work together on campus. Your schedule is flexible and intensive. Learning is not confined to the classroom. Working, sports, eating and relaxing together with other students alternate with your interaction with lecturers. This makes University College Twente an engaging and motivating learning environment. A true learning community.

Would you like to find out more? Check the BSc Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences website.

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