Change management

What are the characteristics of the most suitable change approach: planned or emergent, participatory or directive, top-down or bottom up?University of Groningen

Responding to the ever-changing market and new developments is essential for the survival of today’s organizations. That’s why change is crucial for organizations. This creates a need for change experts who know how to design and manage change processes.

In the MSc CM, which is both academically rigorous and societally relevant, you will learn to deal with the complexity of organizational change as a dynamic interplay of organizational, technological, cultural and human factors. You will develop a solid understanding of the diversity in paradigms, theories and approaches that characterize the international scientific and professional field of change management  as well as critical academic thinking as core elements of your professional toolkit. The programme offers you a diverse and challenging environment in which you actively and responsibly co-create your learning experiences. You will be a member of a lively learning community of dedicated students, staff and expert practitioners that prepares you for a career in a globalizing world.

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