Chemical Engineering

As a chemical engineer you deal with chemical processes on a major scale. Rather than studying reactions in a lab, you will be involved in chemical processes in factories or optimizing existing production processes.University of Groningen

The fascinating thing about chemical engineering is that you’re involved in developing new products but you’re also thinking about the production process. A Chemical engineer is concerned with the entire development of a new product or processes, from A to Z. This means you will learn much more than just the how and why of chemical reactions. Chemical engineers at the University of Groningen, for example, have developed a highly efficient plastic solar cell and are now getting it ready for large-scale production. They are also working on the efficient extraction of biodiesel from the Indonesian jatropha plant and special rubbers for high-tech applications in clothing and footwear.

Choose Groningen and you can’t go wrong!

The Dutch Education Guide has┬áranked Chemical Engineering in Groningen the number 1 of all similar programs in the Netherlands. Groningen is the only University where you can study both Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. If you find it hard to choose between a Bachelor’s degree programme in chemistry or in chemical engineering, Groningen is the place to be. The first year of both programmes is identical so you don’t have to make a definite choice until your second year. It’s very likely that you don’t yet know which specialisation to choose, so you won’t have to decide until the second year.

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