Chemical Engineering

Developing and improving new materials, products and processes in a sustainable way: that is what the Bachelor’s programme in Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente is all about.

Our Chemical Engineering programme is a challenging, high-level course that has been acclaimed as Top Dutch programme in its field four times running. If you are ambitious and enjoy tackling problems that require engineering as well as chemistry, then this may be the programme for you.

Chemistry is all around us. As a chemical engineer, you will be equipped to change and improve your surroundings. In our Chemical Engineering programme, you will model and design large and small production processes, or analyse and characterize the properties of new high-tech materials. You may even develop new materials. You might work on a dirt-resistant, super-sterile material, or a large-scale plant that produces many tons of materials every hour. Or even a nanoreactor that feeds just a few micrograms per day into the human body.

In our Chemical Engineering programme, we place a strong emphasis on the technological application of chemistry. This means it is important that you are not only keen on natural sciences, but also technically skilled and well-versed in physics and mathematics as well as chemistry.

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