Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Are you interested in the history, literature and culture of classical, medieval and early modern civilizations? Is a career in research something you aspire to? Then this programme is just what you are looking for.University of Groningen

This two-year Research Master’s programma covers Classical Antiquity, the Middle Ages and Early Modernity.  You will explore the similarities and differences between these periods. In addition, you will gain fundamental insights into the cultural changes that preceded the modern period.

The programme offers three different specializations: in History (croho code 60139), in Literary Studies (croho code 60814), and in Classics and Ancient Civilizations (croho code 60039). Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies offers a multidisciplinary environment. Depending on your background and research interests, you will decide on your main subject. You can focus on history and choose between Ancient, Medieval or Early Modern History. You can also focus on literature. Then your options are Latin, Greek, English or Dutch Literature.

You can design your own programme to fit your interests. You will take specialist tutorials and courses on theory and method, and finish the programme by writing a thesis.

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