hanNokia has just launched a new mobile phone. How should they attract customers to buy this new product? What is the best marketing strategy? What kind of advertising campaign should they use? And how should they go about attracting media attention? When you graduate from the Communication course at Arnhem Business School you will know how to approach these questions and come up with an effective and creative solution.


What you can expect

Global competition is a modern reality affecting a number of companies today. One result of this is an ever increasing need for experts in the field of marketing and communication. During your studies, we will teach you all you need to know to become a competent specialist in the areas of business, marketing and corporate communications. Your training will not stop at learning how to effectively formulate a strategic communications plan and a market research plan. We will also help you build a solid foundation in the broader and more modern aspects of the profession including advertising, online media, design and public relations.

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