Criminal Law and Criminology

Why do witnesses of a crime remember the colour of the perpetrator’s coat differently? How can countries work together to fight crimes? In this degree you will learn all about these sorts of issues .University of Groningen

Crime is of all times and all places. But the nature of crime changes over time. More options are available to people as technology evolves and travelling the world becomes easier. Countries need to work together to fight transnational crime. This can lead to a clash of different legal regimes.

This Master’s programme in Criminal Law and Criminology¬†provides you insight in these and many other issues. The programme enables you to specialize in criminal law matters, both national and international. It also teaches you about several aspects of Criminology.

You will take four compulsory courses: Comparative Criminal Law, Criminology, International Criminal Tribunals, Introduction to Criminology, and Proof, Evidence and Law. In addition, you will attend a seminar on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters. You will finish your degree by writing a thesis.

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