Cyber Security

Radboud UniversityThe Master’s specialisation in Cyber Security will teach you how to contribute in the design of new security systems. You’ll be able to draw up the security requirements of an application and discover where possible weaknesses lie. Main focus lies on topics as cryptographic codes, operating systems and protocol verification.

Our society relies on ICT to an ever-larger degree, making cyber security a topic of growing importance. Over the last decade, Radboud University has made a name for itself in this field both in and outside the country. The Digital Security Group revealed security flaws in the chip-card used for public transport smart cards like the London Oyster and the Dutch OV-chipkaart. Researchers of our group also found security vulnerabilities in commonly used car immobiliser systems. Although this Master’s is an excellent stepping-stone for students with ambitions in academic research, most of our graduates work as consultants, managers or researchers for companies that specialise in cyber security or that heavily rely on ICT security.

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