DDM International Development Economics

In this double degree (with the University of Göttingen, Germany) you will get specialised knowledge of international markets and the global interconnections of national economies.University of Groningen

Unique is the combination of topics in the field of international business and international economics, and the attention paid to the links between both fields.

You will acquire:

  • Knowledge and expertise in the ways individual, group and organizational factors influence organizational performance, problem solving and strategic decision making.
  • Insight into the consequences of globalisation for multinational enterprises, and the socio-economic and institutional differences between countries.
  • The ability to apply the tools of modern economic analysis to issues of development policy
  • The use of quantitative and statistical techniques for policy analysis and evaluation in a development context
  • The capacity to evaluate critically different approaches to development analysis and policy
  • The ability to communicate effectively with researchers, policymakers and practitioners in the field, to develop their capacity to work with and advise governments and development institutions on development problems
  • The training in modern economic analysis and quantitative techniques that research and applied work in the development field now requires
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