DDM Social Demography

What impact did the recent economic crisis have on individuals’ living and working conditions, on individuals’ study and career choices, on social inequalities and social cohesion?University of Groningen

The International  Master in Social Demography  is a Double Degree Program offered jointly by the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) of Barcelona and the Faculty of Spatial Sciences of the University of Groningen (UoG). After the successful completion of the program students end up with two official diplomas: Master of Research in Sociology and Demography, issued by the University Pompeu Fabra, and Master of Science in Population Studies, issued by the University of Groningen.

The double degree program, which is entirely offered in English, combines the strengths of two of the highest-ranked Social Science Departments in Europe to offer high level research training in Sociology and Demography.

The programme emphasizes the study of both advanced and developing societies from an unique interdisciplinary and dynamic perspective.

See the flyer: http://www.rug.nl/frw/education/more-education/FlyerDDMSocialDemography.pdf

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