DDM Strategic Marketing Intelligence

Marketing managers oversee the research that provides market knowledge to help guide their decisions. This double degree (Groningen and BI Oslo) will teach you how to become a market-oriented manager.University of Groningen

How can you obtain knowledge about what your customer really wants? How can you implement this knowledge in a financially sound marketing plan? How can insights from marketing research be used in marketing plans?

Truly market-oriented (marketing) managers need customer insights to guide decision-making on issues such as which markets to target, which new products to develop, and what communication themes and channels will best build customer and brand equity.

In the Groningen programme the focus is on customer relations and gaining insight into customers. You will learn to collect qualitative and quantitative data about customers and to analyse it using the latest and most advanced marketing research methods.

In the Oslo programme the focus is on strategic marketing theory, statistical methods and financial implications of marketing investments. In both programmes, practitioners in the field relate theory to practice.

The two degrees you get are:
* MSc in Marketing/profile Marketing Intelligence (University of Groningen)
* MSc in Strategic Marketing Management (BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo)

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