DDM Water and Coastal Management

Managing water resources, river catchments, and coastal zones are outstanding challenges of today and tomorrow!University of Groningen

Global Changes ask for a comprehensive scientific approach, an international multidisciplinary orientation and require a new mind-set towards water and coastal management problems. We train you to become an international expert in Coastal and Water Management, with two Master degrees one from the Carl-von-Ossietzky-University of Oldenburg and one from the University of Groningen! Be one of this new breed of water and coastal managers!

The Master of Science in Water and Coastal Management offers you an innovative and versatile opportunity of advanced academic education, ready to be put into practice. Taught by outstanding experts highly conversant with environmental, socio-economic, and spatial sciences, you will be trained to manage the water and coastal resources of future societies in a sustainable way.

The information about this education is available on the site of the university of Olderburg: http://www.studium.uni-oldenburg.de/30135.html?id_studg=319.

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