Earth and Environment

Planet Earth is a complex, interactive and fascinating system, providing all the essentials needed to sustain life and support Wageningen Universityliving organisms, protected by a thin layer of atmosphere. Natural processes and human needs often clash, leading to a wide range of environmental issues. Water scarcity and quality, soil degradation, food supply, loss of biodiversity, vulnerability to severe weather and climate change are just a few examples of key issues that need to be addressed urgently.

Are you interested in working on solutions for these and other environmental issues? The Wageningen University Master Earth & Environment was born from the necessity of helping the next generations of scientists find solutions for the issues confronting the way we look after our planet, now and in the future. Within the programme you can specialise in Hydrology and Water Resources, Meteorology and Air Quality, Biology and Chemistry of Soil and Water or Soil Geography and Earth Surface Dynamics.

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