Econometrics and Operations (Research)

University of Groningen

Do you like analysing complicated puzzles? Are you interested in applying your ICT-skills in a social context? Then this is the right programme for you.

The programme in Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies aims at the description and analysis of problems in economics, management and related areas using mathematical models.
In this degree, you will acquire research skills and knowledge of the most important models used.

In addition, you will gain the ability to transform the outcome of these models in relevant proposals for application.

You can choose from three profiles:

1) Econometrics is particularly concerned with the interpretation of data. Econometrics has applications in fields like Financial Economics, Consumer Behaviour and Macroeconomics.

2) Operations Research deals with the design, analysis and implementation of mathematical models for a wide range of logistic and financial decision-making problems. Fields of study are time schedules for railway systems, the management of supply chains and asset-liability.

3) Actuarial Studies focuses on managing and pricing uncertainty, mainly in the context of insurance. The skills and knowledge you develop are valuable when dealing with subjects like investment strategy, social security and pensions.

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