Econometrics and Operations Research

University of GroningenIs it possible to calculate the optimal squad for Manchester United? Can you predict the price trend for the coming year of an equity fund? In this degree, you’ll find the answers to complex problems.

If you decide to study Econometrics and Operations Research (EOR), you will learn to construct mathematical models to analyse economic data. With these models, you will be able to compute the unemployment rates of a country, the Gross National Product, the stock price of a company or the future exchange rate of the Euro.

The courses in the propaedeutic phase serve as the foundation for the remainder of the programme. You will take courses in Modelling, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Marketing and English.

After this, you will continue with mandatory courses. Building on the propaedeutic coursework, you will deepen and broaden your knowledge in the four major topics: Mathematical Economics, Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies.

After your Bachelor’s degree, you meet the requirements for entry-level positions, but almost all students decide to continue with a Master’s degree.

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