European Languages and Cultures

University of GroningenWould you like to really get to know a language and culture? And be able to link that language and culture to wider European linguistic, literary, historical, social and political phenomena?

The broad-based degree programme in European Languages and Cultures (ETC: Europese Talen en Culturen) is designed to meet the growing need for people with excellent language skills as well as an understanding of the major questions that are relevant in Europe today, such as where Europe stands in the world.

As of 1 September 2015, the degree programme in ETC will also be offered in English, with the same content as the Dutch-taught programme. You will not only study a modern language (GermanEnglishFrenchItalianRussianSpanish  or  Swedish ), you will also look at that language from the perspective of other languages and cultures in Europe. By studying European history, literature, society and politics you will learn to understand the mutual relationships, differences and similarities among national and regional cultures in Europe.

The programme has a flexible structure. You will specialise in one of the profiles:
* Europe: Language and Society
* Europe: Culture and Literature
* Europe: Politics and Society

In addition, you can specialise further by choosing a Minor and possibly following a short placement. During your third year you will spend some time abroad and be immersed in your chosen language and culture. The second and third years will comprise subject-related course units taught in your chosen language. Your Bachelor’s degree is rounded off with a thesis.


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