European Linguistics

University of Groningen

European Linguistics is a one-year Master’s specialization of the MA Linguistics which is based on the strengths of the Groningen linguistics sections.
It gives students a broad and attractive, but coherent and cohesive, range of options, oriented along the following approaches:

* Empirical investigation of the structure of the European languages, with focus on synchronic and diachronic variation
* Theoretical study of syntax, semantics, morphology, and phonology/phonetics
* Use of a variety of data (native speaker intuitions, corpus data, language acquisition data) and methods

The programme focuses on language with all its complexities. The main focus is how to make sense of complex data in order to be able to study the structure, variation, change, and development of language, so as to obtain a better understanding of the human language faculty.

It covers the principal subfields of linguistic study (sound, structure, meaning), and offers plenty of opportunity for students to focus on a particular language or language family (working with specialists in different modern European languages) or to pursue their interests in general linguistics.

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