European Literatures and Cultures

Literature is produced in a market, in an economic as well as in a figurative sense – a marketplace in which points of view and values are negotiated and reflected upon.University of Groningen

The Master’s profile European Literatures and Cultures examines this cultural process of production and reflection, and how literature functions in society.

As a continuation of  your bachelor degree  you specialise in English, French, Frisian, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish or Swedish literature and choose one of the three following pathways:

  •  Literature as Market
  •  The Uses of Literature
  •  Material Culture.

The programme aims to provide you with academic skills and approaches that will prepare you to operate as a cultural expert in wherever texts are involved: in the private sphere, in the media, in institutions and networks. You learn to analyse these processes and functions, to solve problems and to communicate about them clearly and with flair.

European Literatures and Cultures is international in scope, studying cultural processes in and between multiple languages, in the past and in the present. Each course builds on a theoretical foundation, but at the same time trains you in a range of practical skills for doing research, including reporting to academic as well as non-academic audiences.

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