History Today

History Today links past and present and trains historians capable to carry out independent, high-quality historical research and of promote understanding of social issues.University of Groningen

The one-year Master’s degree programme in History Today aims to train socially aware historians who can make contributions with a sound academic basis to the way we address the past, both in history as an academic field and in related sectors of the labour market.

The wide range of seminars and methodology course units within the Master’s degree programme allows students to optimally tailor their studies to their interests and career aims. They also learn more general skills which are applicable in all professions, for example ethical reflection, communication and project organization.The core of the Master’s degree programme comprises two research course units, at least one methodology course unit and the final assignment. In addition, and depending on their choice of professionally oriented specialization (Media, Culture and Heritage or Policy, Administration and Politics), students can follow a placement, ‘The Past in the Present’ colloquium or the Learning History Organization course unit. Alternatively, they can follow the open degree programme option, in which they can choose a chronological, geographical or thematic profile.

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