Industrial Engineering & Management

In Industrial Engineering and Management you will use models and techniques to systematically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of a company and implement improvements.

As a specialist in Industrial Engineering and Management, you will make organizations and business processes more efficient, maximize profit, minimize risks and boost competitiveness and the quality of operations. The programme teaches you how to effectively implement the required changes and evaluate their effects on the organization, its personnel, finances and market position. In doing so you will combine knowledge from the fields of business administration, ICT, mathematics and engineering.

The world and its problems are changing: the society in which we live is becoming increasingly complex. Developments such as ageing populations, economic decline, problems in healthcare and climate change are all contributing factors. Companies that want to survive in this climate need to be proactive. They must handle their resources efficiently and act sustainably. As a result of these changes, companies are becoming increasingly complex and are increasingly organizing themselves on a global scale. Most of today’s companies are part of a network of companies.

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