Industrial Engineering & Management

University of GroningenA new machine speeds up the production process in a factory. But what about the costs? How will employees react when old machines are taken away and they have to work with new, complicated machinery?

In the degree programme in Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM), you learn to approach things from the perspective of the technology as well as the organization.

In search of usable solutions
Industrial Engineering and Management involves translating new technologies into usable solutions. You look beyond the technology. You analyse the problem, design a solution and consider the business aspects: finance, planning, logistics, people.

Is IEM for you?
You are interested in technology and enjoy working with people in a business enviroment. You feel at home with mathematics, physics and chemistry, but you don’t want to focus exclusively on the exact sciences. You want to incorporate solutions and design as well as carry out research and analysis. You like to integrate science for business efficiency

Interested in technology and more?
The degree programme provides a solid grounding in technology and a sound knowledge of business and management. This combination equips you for a career in a wide range of areas; it does not restrict you to a specific field.

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