International Economics and Business

Do you want to understand the opportunities and challenges posed by globalisation for firms’ strategies and government policies? Then this programme is for you.University of Groningen

Increasing international trade and finance is opening up new opportunities for growth of firms, regions and countries. At the same time, it is posing new challenges as the benefits will not be equally distributed and competition is mounting. Strategies of governments and firms need to be constantly aligned to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. In the one-year Master’s degree in International Economics and Business you will learn the tools to  grasp the complex relationships between firm behaviour and economic growth in regions and countries.

You will use state-of-the-art theories to discover the impact of global trade on economic growth and welfare. You will study global business and focus on the economic influence of firms and institutions. As you develop your skills, you will learn to recognize the forces that shape geographical patterns of economic activity. Also, you will learn to advise firms and governments on how to reap the benefits of globalization and international value chains.

The programme offers two profiles (globalization and international capital markets) and four Double Degree options, with universities in Shanghai, Göttingen, Lund and Budapest.

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