International Hospitality and Service Management

The Masters in International Service Management at Stenden University is an education programme for students who are interested in managing service organisations.Stenden University of Applied Sciences

Service management is a crucial aspect of every organisation, helping to build its structure, processes, and strategies around the customer. Service Management also helps organisations understand customer expectations, maintain employee commitment, and gain necessary management skills.

The curriculum of the Masters in International Service Management provides students with the professional, academic and personal competencies to manage service organisations. Students learn to take an analytical attitude toward service management concepts, keeping in mind related cultural differences, which play a key role.

The integrated approach which the Masters in International Service Management takes toward service management includes marketing and communication, quality management, financial and technological aspects of service delivery, and human resource management. Students gain a broad perspective on service delivery, which encompasses intercultural communication, leadership skills, and sustainability.

Upon completion of the Masters in International Service Management, graduates are well-prepared to enter a variety of service industries, including retail, financial services, medical institutions, and hospitality. Positions could be as a quality manager, lecturer or trainer, or marketing consultant.

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