Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Liberal Arts and Sciences programme at University College Groningen educates ambitious and multi-talented students to develop creative and innovative solutions for the challenges of society.University of Groningen

The Liberal Arts and Sciences programme at UCG allows you to study a variety of academic disciplines, and you can construct a curriculum that fits your individual skills, interests and ambitions. In the first year you can choose to study two or three of the LAS disciplinary fields (Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities) before choosing from five major directions for your second and third year. The program focuses on global societal challenges and you’ll work on interdisciplinary projects where you learn to apply your academic knowledge and skills with creative approaches to develop innovative solutions for complex problems. You’ll ook Study Research and Methodology courses (including logic, math, philosophy of science), and you have the option for an international experience (eg study abroad) in your third year. The program prepares you for Masters degrees and careers in many different fields-including business, the arts, scientific research, governmental organizations, NGOs’, and more.

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