Media Studies

University of GroningenMedia are at the heart of contemporary life. From social media to print, from websites to television, from search engines to apps: our understanding of the world is shaped by media.

Media have a major impact not only on how we communicate with one another, but also on how societies are organised: culturally, politically and economically.

This programme focuses on the informative and social function of media and applies ‘culture’ in its anthropological definition: as the ideas, customs and social behaviour of particular (groups in) societies.

You will acquire knowledge and understanding of how different media platforms operate and interplay; how media systems are underpinned politically and economically; and how patterns of media use, production and content develop and change. You will learn to apply different types of academic research methods on a variety of topics. You will develop professional skills to help you perform in media-related internships and jobs.

The programme’s distinctive features are:

  • an international, comparative and interdisciplinary set-up
  • a focus on the informative and social function of media
  • emphasis on the practices of media use and production
  • attention for professional skills
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