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Why is ethnicity important in studying diabetes? What is the risk of tuberculosis these days? What does “Right to Health” mean? What is the effect of poverty on health?University of Groningen

How do you deal with the cultural diversity of patients and colleagues when you are a general practitioner in Amsterdam (160 different nationalities)? How do you adapt treatment and prevention programmes to the specific target groups? How do global epidemics influence your work?

In the Global Health learning community, we focus on the major factors that influence the health of individuals and populations worldwide. Their needs cannot be solved via Medicine alone. Therefore, the programme also includes an introduction to Finance, Law, Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geopolitics and the work of the United Nations, and others.

The student group will include many nationalities. The language in this community is English. You will have to prove your proficiency in Dutch during the Bachelor phase and might need to learn Dutch, before you can enter the Master in Medicine programme. Most clinical rotations in the Master phase will be in the Netherlands. Yet research placements and some clinical rotations can be performed outside the Netherlands.

We prepare our medical students for work as medical specialists, researchers or health policy makers anywhere in the world.

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