Medicine, profile Molecular Medicine

University of GroningenWithin this learning community,students will study the molecular causes of disease and learn about the newest diagnostics and medical technology.

Scientific breakthroughs transform the medical practice of doctors. Understanding the molecular mechanism of disease leads to novel clinical diagnostics and innovative therapies. If we know why a patient develops cancer, does that affect their survival? Which characteristics of a patient determine the outcome of a treatment? Can stem cells be used to treat diabetes or can metals be used to treat bone problems? Can we deliver drugs to the place where they are needed?

Students in this community study the molecular causes of diseases and methods for diagnosis and therapy. The most recent technological breakthroughs will be discussed. If you want to learn how science works, and how scientific discoveries make their way to patients, this Community is for you! The language of science is English. Therefore, this Community is taught in English. If you are Dutch and feel attracted to this Community, don’t hesitate to sign up. If you do not (yet) speak Dutch, you will need to learn this during your Bachelors, as the Master programme is Dutch. After completion, you can train to become a medical specialist and/or a medical researcher.

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