Chemical Engineering

University of TwenteChemical Engineering is a broad discipline that encompasses so much more than chemistry alone. As a chemical engineer, you are not only at home in fields of research such as chemistry, materials science or process technology, but you are also well versed in in more physics-related areas, such as fluid dynamics and thermodynamics.

Chemical Engineering in Twente

In the Master’s programme in Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente, you will learn to combine the various elements of your knowledge to develop, improve and implement processes, products and materials.

This MSc programme puts you at the forefront of R&D in innovative chemical processes, novel materials and new products. You will harness the latest technology and techniques to address the challenges that society faces. For instance, you can discover whether biomass conversion is able to provide lasting energy solutions, explore the potential of membrane technology to purify water, or use your knowledge of biomolecules to develop new materials or to generate power by osmosis. At the University of Twente you can focus on process engineering or materials science.

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