European Studies

University of TwenteThe Master’s programme in European Studies will provide you with the skills and conceptual tools to engage in descriptive, explanatory and normative research and analysis of the political and administrative issues of Europe. The entire programme takes a comparative approach, looking at the interactions between national and European bodies, the place of the EU in the world, and their effects and the ideas behind these processes.

A combination of academic rigour and practical relevance, a cross-disciplinary perspective and a strong focus on the EU are the mainstays of this programme. You will gain relevant core knowledge across the broad spectrum of the European Union and acquire specialized expertise in your choice of electives.

Features of the programme:

  • The opportunity to obtain a double-degree with the University of Münster
  • Low student-teacher ratio enabling personalized feedback and personal development
  • The combination of academic grounding and practical relevance
  • Focus on the international context of European studies
  • Design approach to policy solutions
  • Cross-disciplinary perspective approaching the subject from various academic angles
  • Multiple perspectives: legal, political, economic and sociological
  • International orientation and studying alongside students from different backgrounds
  • A wonderful green campus that provides an ideal study environment.

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