Health Sciences

University of TwenteHow do we keep healthcare affordable, efficient and optimized for individuals? What can people contribute? Would an innovative treatment be better, safer and faster than a conventional one? How do you decide? These are the sort of questions that will keep you busy during our Master’s programme Health Sciences and in your future work as a Health Scientist.

Healthcare is constantly changing. Current developments in healthcare call for professionals who can thoroughly analyze what is happening in the sector and design new strategies for optimizing healthcare processes. During our Master’s programme in Health Sciences you will learn to analyze problems from different perspectives, use different models and methods, and design, implement and evaluate innovative improvements. You will gain insight into healthcare for individual patients (micro level), organizational processes (meso level) and the effects of policies on national healthcare (macro level). You will also learn to predict trends in healthcare on the basis of evaluations and research. Do you want to develop an academic approach that allows you to combine people, systems, organization and technology? Would you like to predict trends in healthcare, or to optimize policy, management and healthcare procedures? Then this Master´s programme is the right choice for you.

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