Philosophy of a specific discipline

Are you currently doing your Bachelor’s? Do you enjoy critical reasoning and argumentation? Then consider combining your own bachelor with a bachelor “Philosophy of a specific discipline”!University of Groningen

The bachelor “Philosophy of a specific discipline” is an English-taught programme. After the first year of your bachelor, you enroll in this programme, while continuing with your own bachelor. “Philosophy of a specific discipline” consists of a Minor of 30 EC, introducing you to the history of philosophy and to some of the major philosophical areas such as ethics, philosophy of science, social-political philosophy, and logic. After the Minor you do three electives (15 EC) and follow one out of four courses which the programme offers on “the philosophy of the various disciplines” (5 EC). Finally, you write your thesis in a well-organized course (10 EC).  The philosophy part of the programme can be completed in one year but you can also spread the programme over two years. At the end of three or four years you have two bachelors!

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