Radboud University best general university according to students

Radboud UniversityOnce again, students have named Radboud University the best general university in the Netherlands. This is the conclusion of Elsevier magazine’s annual survey of the best degree programmes, which was published earlier today. Full and associate professors ranked Radboud University second on the list of general universities.

This is the fifth time in six years that students have secured first place for Radboud University in the Elsevier survey. A grand total of 20 programmes at Radboud University were deemed best in their field.

Best Bachelor’s programmes

Best Master’s programmes

Positive assessment by professors

Full and associate were also asked to rate the programmes in their own field (but at other universities), not only on the quality of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, but also on the quality of the lecturers and academic publications. Radboud University came second on this list of Dutch general universities, behind Utrecht University. This is significant progress compared with last year, when Radboud University finished in fifth place.

The programmes in Dentistry, Linguistics and Chemistry at Radboud University were ranked top of the list by the professors. (Chemistry shared first place with Utrecht.)

  • The survey of best degree programmes appears in print in Elsevier magazine, on sale as from 24 September. The list is also available on: elsevier.nl (available in Dutch only).